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What is HoodRich Allstars?

HoodRich Allstars | Burning Blade US-PVP EST

We’re a small social-casual guild. We’re looking to build a small community of players with a common goal of having fun without being a dick. Simple right?

Is HoodRich Allstars for me?

If you can answer yes to all of these statements then we welcome you to our gang:

  • I understand that being part of this guild will not get me chicks/dudes at the bar.
  • I’m not a douche
  • I’m OK with crude humor and adult language.

Interested in joining HoodRich Allstars?

No applications or trials to go through. Playing at our level of fail is as brutal a hazing as you’ll find anywhere. Still interested? Contact any of these guys in-game for an invite:

  • Chunky | Burning Blade [BattleTag :: Chunky#1613]
  • Chunky | Lightning’s Blade
  • Chunky | Onyxia